Safe Sex: Is It Really Safe?

Beautiful question, right? Well, my boys and I happened to go out to our usual hangout spot ‘The Chilling’ last week Friday and while we were there talking and having a few drinks, Arthur, whose mind is usually off and has things coming out of the blue goes like, ‘let’s talk about sex guys.’ ‘What the heck? What would people think if they found a bunch of five muscled up men, sitted together, taking beer and talking about sex?’ That seemed to be the look on all our faces.

‘Alright, what about sex exactly are we supposed to be talking about?’ asked Benny. ‘How to have sex with a condom I guess, I hear all these radio ads talk about protection and I just thought we could take it up,’ Arthur tried to put up a defense. ‘Condoms! Come on man, you know me and those things are like parallel,’ said Kim, ‘they just take long to get them on and besides my girlfriend has never even bought the idea of us using them.’ At this point in time, I was just sitted back watching this argument go on before Lucas altered the discussion, ‘you guys are here bickering and arguing about whether to use a condom or not. I never let any of that stuff worry me. All I do is get my lotion and do some little jerking and I’m good to go. No worry of HIV, STDs, STIs or even unwanted pregnancies that may keep me up all night.’ ‘What the….? Dude, you’re totally something else,’ exclaimed Arthur, ‘but Aaron, you have been quiet the whole time, what about you?’

Holy jeez, now it was time for me to give my honest opinion but then why had I kept quiet the whole time? Well, that’s only because I wanted to save the best for the last hehe. You see, Arthur did great to put our minds to task by us thinking about this topic you know. If we are to get back to the basics, safe sex is not about you having comfortable and steamy sex with your partner. It’s about using protection each and every single time you want to have sex. Sex is great but it is greater if one gets to use a condom and in relation to Kim’s view, I discard it because without a condom, the risks you are exposed to are many from HIV to STIs to even unwanted pregnancies.

Realizing now that I had taken center stage about the topic, I thought it wise to dwell more about Lucas’ view. You see, Lucas finds masturbation safe for him and yes that’s one of the safest ways to have sex. But let’s not rule out the fact that too much masturbation can lead to addiction and affect one in the long run. Oral sex can be safe if your partner is free from disease or any infection as well as rubbing yourself against your partner while clothed (what most people call dry humping).

With all this having been said, my friends and I finally made a toast to ‘safe sex for a safer life.’ Condom use is the best way to protect oneself from disease and unwanted pregnancy. Have a consent agreement with your partner, let them understand the benefits of using a condom and also show them the disadvantages of not using one. Remember, no glove, no love. HIV IS REAL, COVER YOUR WILLY!


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